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Chinese language daily newspaper covering finance, economics and political issues.
Chinese language monthly journal covering economics.
Chinese language newspaper covering finance, economics and political issues.
Provides links to free online Hong Kong newspapers covering local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people and business. Covers papers in English and Chinese.
English language Hong Kong daily newspaper with subscription based digital archive.
World Newspapers:
Statutory body responsible for implementing anti-discrimination law and promoting equal opportunities. Provides information, publications and factsheets and FAQs about the legislation.
Gov HK brings together all of the government agencies covering employment, immigration, taxes and education and training. The About Hong Kong section gives facts about Hong Kong covering languages, holidays, the economy, trends etc.
Provides news of the Department as well as recent publications on labour and employment-related subjects. Gives an overview, full-text and FAQs on major labour legislation and a breakdown of the activities and services provided by the Department.
Shelton, B. and Karakiewicz, J. (2010) The making of Hong Kong: from vertical to volumetric. Abingdon: Routledge.
TSUI, A.P. and TONG, L.K. (eds) (2009) Professional practices of human resource management in Hong Kong: linking HRM to organizational success. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.
A full-text image database providing access to selected academic and professional journals, both in English and Chinese, published in Hong Kong. Titles in various areas including law, education, counselling and public administration.
Provides a range of statistics including labour statistics covering employment, unemployment and wage rates by industry for up to supervisory level.
Information on the districts, cities and towns of Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong section of the NationMaster website covering topics such as economy, education, government, industry, labour, and taxation. Allows ranked comparisons with other countries.
UN data covering economic indicators such as employment and labour force participation figures, social indicators including some statistics about educational levels and a brief trade profile.
Industry analysis, forecasts, risk assessments, labour market and investment information. Free articles upon registration and priced reports.
Lists the overall 'Ease of Doing Business' rank (out of 189 economies) and the rankings by each topic. Provides key indicators for key business topics and benchmarks them against regional and high-income economy (OECD) averages.
Independent body providing training to eligible workers to help them improve their employability by developing new or enhancing existing skills in line with changes in the economic environment.
Represents a wide spectrum of local, Mainland Chinese and international businesses including over half of the corporations listed on the Hang Seng Index.
Largest professional body representing human resource management professionals in Hong Kong. It has over 5,000 members. Website gives information on membership, training, events, conferences, guides and press releases.
Membership is open to individual members of the HKMA, organisations that are Chartered/Corporate members of the HKMA or personnel managers or teachers/academics involved in personnel management. Provides activities, meetings, visits and networking.
Q&A on recent developments on doing business in Hong Kong covering employment, tax, data protection, IP etc.
Largest vocational education, training and professional development group in Hong Kong. Provides training for over 250,000 students each year through a range of pre-employment and in-service programmes with internationally recognised qualifications.