Useful resources links

13 August 2015

This section provides you with a selection of links to official websites, news and media, statistics etc for Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and for Asia more generally below.

Asia - resource links

Asia News Network (ANN) is a network of 21 media groups in Asian cities cooperating to optimize coverage of major news events in the region.
Online site reporting geopolitical, political, economic and business issues from an Asian perspective.
News portal featuring events, national features, education, career, sustainability etc.
Website offering information on radio and television stations in South and South East Asia.
South Asia newspaper printed in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolcata and London
Asia-Pacific business, politics, technology, environment, education, travel & life, new media and society issues.
Produced by the World Institute for Asian Studies (WIAS), an organisation established with the aim of bringing Asian nations closer through in-depth understanding of regional problems.
English language Asian TV News channel reports on global developments with an Asian perspective. Based in Singapore, it has correspondents in major Asian cities and key Western ones, including New York, Washington D.C, London and Brussels.
Online HR magazine covering Malaysia and Singapore.
Monthly magazines, daily email newsletters, website and suite of targeted events, source of HR-related news designed for senior HR managers. Circulated to 25,000 senior HR professionals in Singapore and Malaysia.
World Newspapers:
Aims to promote sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region by championing free and open trade and investment, regional economic integration, economic and technical cooperation and human security. Websites has news, research, publications, factsheets etc.
The online bookstore has business magazines and guides for China, India, Vietnam, Singapore and other key nations in emerging Asia and is part of an integrated digital resource network for foreign investors in Asia.
KAWAI, M., MORGAN, P.J. and RANA, P.B. (eds). (2014) New global economic architecture: the Asian perspective. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.
OECD (2014) Economic outlook for South-East Asia, China and India 2014: strengthening institutional capacity. Paris: OECD. (Annual publication on Asia’s regional economic growth, development and regional integration process.)
STUDWELL, J. (2013 ). How Asia works. New York: Grove Press. 320pp.
United Nations annual publication covering demographics, economy, health, employment, worm, poverty and the environment.
Key Indicators Database has been developed to facilitate detailed analysis of trade, financial and socio-economic trends in the Asia-Pacific region. Access to this database is free-of-charge and the data can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
Statistics on population, labour and employment, education, trade, GDP, inflation, social statistics etc.
Provides information, publications, economics, statistics and research including information on education in Asia.