Taiwanese organisations are the world’s most optimistic about hiring in 2017

Author: PM editorial | Date: 21 Dec 2016

Survey finds a quarter of employers expect increase in staffing levels during next three months

Taiwanese employers are the most optimistic in the world about their hiring intentions for the first quarter of 2017, according the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey.
By working out a net employment outlook (NEO) for 43 countries, the study was able to rank them in ascending order. With a NEO of 25 per cent (the proportion of employers who expect to see an increase in staff), Taiwan came top, just ahead of India on 24 per cent and Japan on 23 per cent. Hong Kong placed 11th with an NEO of 13 per cent.
“Taiwan's economy continues to show signs of steady growth, mainly driven by exports. Rising global demand for electronics products has helped boost Taiwan’s exporting performance,” said Joan Yeh, staffing service director of ManpowerGroup Taiwan.
The country’s strongest sector was transportation and utilities, which had previously been one of the sectors with the weakest hiring intentions for Q4 2016. The report said employers had stronger hiring plans because of the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays and the extra demand on domestic transport during that time.
Hong Kong also performed well in the survey, with expectations that staffing levels in most sectors would increase at a steady pace.
“Strong demand for technology talent continues to accelerate hiring intentions in the service sector,” said Lancy Chui, senior vice president at ManpowerGroup Greater China region. “Different industries are moving towards digitisation, but at the same time there are an increasing number of cyberattacks. These not only threaten financial institutions and banking systems but other enterprises too, which stimulate employers’ hiring intention on cybersecurity roles.”
Summarising Singapore’s NEO of 9 per cent, ManpowerGroup’s report said: “A challenging employment outlook persists into the first quarter of 2017 as Singapore employers continue to remain cautiously optimistic about their hiring plans in the year of the fire rooster.”
While the forecast for Taiwan was strong, it was two per cent down on the same time last year and India’s solid NEO belied its fourth consecutive quarter of decline.