New SkillsFuture awards to recognise excellence in employers and staff

Author: PM editorial | Date: 15 Mar 2017

Prize of S$10,000 will be awarded to individuals to “support their skills mastery journey”

Two new awards recognising excellence among both employers and employees have been launched in Singapore.
The SkillsFuture Fellowship is for individuals with mastery of particular skills, while the SkillsFuture Employer Award highlights employers who are exemplary in developing their staff.
Up to 30 SkillsFuture Fellowships will be awarded, which include S$10,000 “to support their skills mastery journey in their respective fields.” From 2018, the award will be given to up to 100 people each year.
The Employer Award “recognises exemplary employers who not only see value in skills mastery but are also strong advocates for building a lifelong learning culture in their workplaces.” It will be awarded to up to 10 organisations.
The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) launched the SkillsFuture learning and development scheme in January 2016, initially offering around 10,000 courses across 57 subjects. In its first year, 126,000 people made use of its S$500 credit scheme to pay for learning opportunities.
To qualify for the Fellowship Award, an individual must be a Singapore citizen with at least 10 years of working experience in the same (or related) industry or job function. They must possess deep skills in relevant areas of professional and technical expertise and demonstrate a strong personal commitment to lifelong learning, with plans to pursue further skills. Finally, they must be prepared to contribute to the skills development of others.
The criteria for the non-monetary Employer Awards state that they must be Singapore-registered entities, covering small and medium enterprises, large corporations and voluntary welfare organisations. They must have shown strong support for SkillsFuture and its key tenets, as well as building a strong Singaporean core, and/or created a good work environment.
Nominations for the awards can be made on the SkillsFuture website, at and Nominations will close on 30 April 2017.