Singapore launches “one-stop job shop”

Author: Sophie-Marie Odum | Date: 12 Oct 2016

Online marketplace aims to address the job-skills mismatch

The National Jobs Bank is to be transformed into a “one-stop and non-stop” online marketplace, bringing employers and jobseekers together across Singapore, and minimising the mismatch between jobs and skills.
With the number of skilled Singaporeans looking for work higher than the number of jobs available, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say will revamp the online National Jobs Bank to maximise the connectivity between employment opportunities and job seekers, he said.
The portal will detail the necessary career paths, skills requirements and training programmes for different sectors.
Lim said: “Job seekers will be able to explore new career opportunities and conduct job searches anytime, anywhere without having to wait for the next job fair. They can be young adults looking for their first jobs, mid-careers looking for their next careers, or mature workers looking to remain active.”
First trialled in May 2014, the National Jobs Bank was set up as part of the Fair Consideration Framework, which requires employers with businesses of more than 25 people to post job vacancies on a website for at least 14 days before applying for an Employment Pass for foreign professionals.
To date, around 180,000 individuals have used the portal and about 25,700 employers are registered to use it. Currently, there are 60,000 active job listings and 7,000 job applications are submitted every day.
The 24/7 online marketplace is similar to virtual career fairs, which are currently being explored to close the job-skills divide. Workforce Singapore (WSG) recently organised a two-week virtual career fair where more than 50 employers — offering 500 vacancies — talked online with jobseekers.
As People Management Asia reported, WSG will “go beyond helping the unemployed find jobs” and will help Singaporeans manage career transitions throughout life.
Lim said: “This is to maximise matching between the aspiration of workers and the manpower needs of businesses. In addition, it will work with businesses to redesign jobs and improve HR practices so that they can turn their human resources into their human capital.”
No timeline has been set for the launch of the revamped National Jobs Bank site.