New online portal launched to boost ICT skills of Singapore’s workers

Author: PM editorial | Date: 11 May 2016

Part of government’s Technology Skills Accelerator programme announced in budget

A new online portal offering 380 different courses of information and communication technology (ICT) training has been launched in Singapore.
The courses are part of the government’s Technology Skills Accelerator (TESA) programme, announced in this year’s budget, and are aimed at early to mid-career professionals wanting to develop their ICT skills.
The TESA programme has partnered with major employers to identify in-demand skills that would be beneficial to both the individual and the organisation they work for. The National University of Singapore Institute of System Science, Singapore Management University, and NTUC Learning Hub are among the 34 organisations providing training.
"We know the demand for ICT skills is getting more specialised,” said communications and information minister Yaacob Ibrahim. “Banks are not just looking for ICT professionals with strong foundations in data analytics, but also professionals who understand the financial industry, and who can apply their skills to complex financial transactions and analysis.”
Training will be broadly divided into two areas – core and sector. Core will focus on ICT skills such as cyber-security and data analytics that are applicable to a wide range of industries. Sector will focus on providing professionals who already have certain ICT skills with further, industry-specific training.
Organisations stand to benefit from having a more highly skilled workforce and the training will give workers a better chance of career development, whether that be with their current employer or in a new job. The TESA programme is a continuation of Singapore’s goal of lifelong learning for all its citizens.
Dr Yaacob said he was confident that Singapore would have “world-class workers who work hard, commit themselves to continuous learning, and fly the Singapore flag high.”