New online learning platform for all Singaporeans

Author: PM editorial | Date: 09 Dec 2015

Work Development Agency says resources will benefit SMEs and local training providers

Singapore’s Work Development Agency (WDA) has unveiled plans for a new online platform it hopes will encourage lifelong learning among the city-state’s citizens, and benefit local businesses.
Learningspace is being developed with German multimedia organisation IMC over the next 18 months but has no official launch date yet. The WDA believes it will boost Singaporeans’ employability and familiarity with multi-channel learning technology.
Russell Donders, Asia Pacific director at IMC, says: “We will be providing our learning technology platform to allow training providers to create and curate interactive and mobile-ready learning materials."
“Singaporeans will have access to a wide variety of training opportunities that might not have previously been possible. Continuing education and training (CET) providers and SMEs will also now have access to an affordable and professional solution for online learning.”
The platform will also be open to individual members of the Singaporean public who will have access to a ‘marketplace’ of training from CET providers – both free and paid-for. The training offered is expected to be largely vocational in nature and will include courses that are open to all, as well as those organisations have uploaded to Learningspace specifically for their employees.
“The subjects will be wide and varied, ranging from English language to cooking classes, to HR, business management and IT skills,” says Donders.
The Learningspace project will be act as a central platform for training needs, including digital learning material provided by local training providers. Existing face-to-face courses will also make use of different e-learning content.
A centralised learning record store is also part of the project, to document individuals’ training and further education activities. The system will use analytics to provide users with tailored suggestions on additional courses, educational opportunities or career paths.