New national framework for HR professionals in Singapore

Author: PM editorial | Date: 26 Oct 2016

Initiative designed to help professionals move from the backroom into the boardroom

A new national framework for HR professionals in Singapore has been announced at the Asian Human Capital and Leadership Symposium.
Driven by Workforce Singapore, the National HR Professional Certification Framework is designed to certify professionals according to the individual’s HR knowledge, competencies and HR work experience.
It highlights key skills for the future for HR professionals, going beyond traditional tasks of the job such as payroll or employment law.
When Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say announced the new initiative, he said it was part of a plan to ensure that HR professionals are able to “move from the backroom into the boardroom.
“To unlock the potential in technology and global markets, we need to have the key – innovation: The ability to turn technology into useful products and services to reach the markets ahead of the competition,” said Mr Lim.
“The holder of this key is not financial capital, but human capital. People who are not only talented, but also passionate, engaged and motivated.”
He predicted that organisations who treat their employees as just another factor of production would find it increasingly difficult to compete in an innovation-driven economy.
“The role of HR professional will only become more critical as we move towards a manpower-lean economy,” said Mr Lim. “We count on a competent and professional community of HR leaders and professionals, to help nurture every worker as we transform our industries to make every job a better job.
“Many are pre-occupied with performing transactional tasks such as recruiting to fill vacant positions and ensuring payroll is paid on time.
“These are necessary, but not enough priority is placed on becoming better strategic business partners, providing solutions to strengthen human capital, ensuring succession planning is in place for key positions, and managing employee relations and engagement.”
From 24 October, more than 100 HR professionals will participate in a pilot certification assessment based on the new framework.