Itemised payslips now mandatory in Singapore

Author: PM Editorial | Date: 6 Apr 2016

Organisations must also provide ‘key employment terms’ to anyone employed for 14 days or more

Changes to Singapore’s Employment Act came into effect on 1 April, making itemised payslips for employees mandatory.
The payslips can be printed or electronic but must contain details such as basic salary, deductions and any overtime hours worked. They must be issued at the same time as the payment or, if that is not possible, within three working days of payment.
The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) could fine organisations that fail to issue payslips correctly – but the ministry has stated that it will be taking a soft approach for the first year and educating employers, rather than enforcing the new regulation.
In a statement, the MOM said the objective of the change is to: “improve employment standards and facilitate the resolution of any employment-related disputes, should these arise.”
Employers must also provide ‘key employment terms’ (KETs) to anyone they employ for a continuous period of 14 days or more. The KETs are details such as working hours, benefits, overtime payments, leave entitlement and notice or probation periods.
To help with the switch to payslips, the MOM has an assistance package on its website, which is available in four languages: English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin. The package has blank payslips and KETs that can be filled in by hand, as well as suggested software for generating itemised pay slips.
It also offers one-to-one assistance for SMEs and guidance on where to apply for funding to implement the changes, if organisations should need it.