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17 August 2015
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New law means Malaysian employers must provide housing for foreign workers

Accommodation will adhere to international standards and prevent exploitation

Work-life balance more important now than ever, finds survey

Salary and benefits still top job consideration – but gap has narrowed

Ageist practices should be replaced with inclusive policies that value experience

Discrimination still common in the modern workplace, says recruitment expert

Looking for top talent in China and Hong Kong? A celebrity leader might help

Senior executives say having a charismatic spokesperson is crucial to the appeal of an organisation

How to reduce your time-to-hire

You may want that job filled quickly but rushing the process and getting it wrong could be costly

Majority of Singaporeans say they are in a strong position to change jobs

Keeping hold of top performers could be tricky for organisations if staff are not engaged

Networking is important for HR – and online platforms make it easier than ever

Investing some time in developing your LinkedIn contacts can bring tangible rewards

Skills shortages could create more unemployment than a lack of jobs

Technology should be a job creator not a competitor, says Singapore’s Minister for Manpower

Why what we wear at work is changing

A more flexible approach to working is having a domino effect on employers’ attitudes to dress codes

Q&A: Taek Lee: “Millennials look for purpose in their careers”

The head of consulting group, ASEAN at Gallup on understanding the needs of the younger generation