Former HR executive jailed for stealing 1.2 million SGD from employer

Author: PM editorial | Date: 3 Aug 2016

Missing out on pay rise prompted payroll manager to start helping herself to more each month

A former HR executive in Singapore has been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison for stealing 1.2 million SGD from her employer.
Jaslyn Chen Xiaohong pleaded guilty to six counts of cheating and two of forgery. The remaining 21 charges against her, including theft, were taken into consideration, reported the Straits Times.
Chen managed the payroll for mining consultancy GMG Global, which fired her when the theft was discovered in December 2015. She had been making monthly payments to her own bank account since April 2014, when she did not receive a pay rise on her $2,900 a month salary, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Sng.
One of her responsibilities was making payments to employees of GMG Global and its subsidiaries, including GMG Investments. Every month, she prepared a payment instruction letter for United Overseas Bank, listing the employees to be paid and how much to pay them. Using her Chinese name to avoid detection, she included ‘Chen Xiaohong’ as a payee and her bank account details.
The payment instructions were signed off by authorised signatories of GMG Investments, but needed a second signature. Chen dishonestly signed the letter herself as the second required authorised signatory. In just over 18 months, she stole $1.2 million and used the money for “personal expenses".
In Chen’s defence, her lawyer stated that her 63-year-old father is undergoing treatment for colon cancer.
Police have recovered $271,585 from her account and $974,000 remains outstanding.