Government agency finds jobs for 10,000 Singaporeans in first half of 2016

Author: PM editorial | Date: 24 Aug 2016

Adapt and Grow scheme has ‘enhanced and expanded the package of employment assistance’

The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) says it has helped around 10,000 unemployed Singaporeans find jobs since the start of the year.
In a session of parliament, the minister for manpower, Lim Swee Say, was asked how successful the country’s support schemes had been in getting people back to work.
The question from MP Foo Mee Har made reference to the Ministry of Manpower’s recently published figures, which show Singapore’s level of unemployment had hit a seven-year high.
Mr Lim pointed to the ‘Adapt and Grow’ initiative that had “enhanced and expanded the package of employment assistance”, and said the WDA had “also ramped up the number of job fairs and other career support events, such as career workshops.”
He said that the WDA and the Employment and Employability Institute (E2i) had assisted about 15,000 jobseekers through its career centres and about 4,000 PMETs and 6,000 other jobseekers had secured jobs.
A reorganisation of the WDA is also planned, despite its success this year in getting large numbers of people into jobs. “With the restructuring of WDA into Workforce Singapore (WSG), we will go beyond helping the unemployed find jobs,” said Mr Lim. “WSG will do more and help more Singaporeans manage their career transitions throughout life. This is to maximise matching between the aspiration of workers and the manpower needs of businesses.
“In addition, it will work with businesses to redesign jobs and improve HR practices so that they can turn their human resources into their human capital,” said Mr Lim.
However, news agency Reuters recently reported that high wages in the city-state are raising business costs to an unsustainable level and could be the early warning signs of a recession. Almost 42,000 businesses ceased operations in the first half of this year compared to nearly 49,000 in the whole of 2015, according to government data.