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17 August 2015
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Discrimination against pregnant employees in Singapore falling, but not yet eradicated

Recent case of female worker being fired while pregnant brings issue into the spotlight

Expats warned to get tax affairs in order – or risk not being allowed to leave Malaysia

More than RM213 million is owed by those who have left the country since 2012

Gender gap is one of the most pressing challenges facing the labour market, says ILO

Increasing female workforce participation could add US$ 3.2 trillion to the Asia-Pacific economy

Flexible hours are the biggest draw for Hong Kong jobseekers, finds survey

Employers across Asia increasingly finding desire for modern working practices among staff and candidates

HR headlines from the UK

What’s been happening in the UK this week, from men struggling to switch off to staff missing out on £3bn a year

Expatriate pay packages in Hong Kong hit five-year low

Industry experts warn of big increase in workers leaving jobs for better pay

Vietnam’s overtime limits set to double under new proposal

Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs plans to increase the limit from 200 to 400 hours

Hong Kong named the most expensive city in Asia for expats

But Singapore drops out of the world’s top 20 as relative cost of living falls

How to explain the value of HR to your CEO

Make sure your leaders know what you can do and how the organisation will profit

HR headlines from the UK

From what the hung parliament means for HR to how many staff are quitting over career slumps, here are our top stories from the last week