CIPD's HR certification courses help to professionalise ADB's HR function

BPMSD's human resources function went through a realignment exercise in 2013 to strengthen ADB’s HR function and transform it into a cohesively structured organisation adhering to internationally accepted best practice, with the aim of providing the best possible customer satisfaction while maximising efficiencies.
The thrust is for the realigned HR function to evolve into a dynamic, professional and learning organisation with the capacity to flexibly adjust to clients' needs, environmental changes, and support business continuity. It is expected to provide a supportive framework for areas previously identified as needing improvement (i.e., career development, rewards and recognition, stress, work-life balance, performance evaluation, work organisation and efficiency, etc.) through knowledge systems, expanded and enhanced self-service features, systems support and speedier on-line (as opposed to paper-based) processing. It is being asked to step us as leaders of culture change within ADB, specially those linked to the MTR Action plan outcomes.
Only a few of the staff have professional HR qualifications. The UK-based Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), recognised as one of the world's largest Chartered HR and development professional body, was engaged to professionalise ADB’s HR function and provide staff with a real career in human resources.
Two CIPD certification were offered in 2014: (i) Foundation Level Certificate in Human Resource Practice (HRP); and (ii) Intermediate Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM). The HRP course targeted staff with less time and experience in HR and provided them with a firm foundation in all areas of HR and to develop essential HR skills to become more effective HR practitioners. The HRM course developed the ability of the more experienced and/or senior level participants to evaluate the effectiveness of different HR models and practices, and enhance their understanding and sensitivity of the impact of external factors on the HR function and organisation. Both qualifications are recognised worldwide as equivalent to associate and bachelor’s degrees, respectively.
The certification courses are made up of a mix of theory and practical applications, and opportunities for interaction and participation, taking into account the different learning styles of the participants. It uses a combination of learning methods including face-to-face group activities, online tutor support and submission of individual reports.
The first batch of ADB graduates numbering 32 HR staff and an Institutional Coordination Specialist (18 staff for HRP and 14 staff for HRM) completed all the requirements and successfully qualified and passed the CIPD certifications.
CIPD graduates at ADB 
According to CIPD: "This is really a great success story and we are extremely delighted for your team. While we have a handful of members there, the ADB candidates will be the first batch of CIPD members internationally via the qualification route. This is also a huge milestone for the CIPD as this is probably the first time the institute has a client organisation that completed both CHRP/CHRM running in parallel outside the UK!"
: CIPD-Write up (11 Nov 2015) / ACC